rich in tradition

The rich history of our company goes back to 1886 when the “Seidenfärberei Wylach” (“Silk Dyeing Plant Wylach”) was established, in which not only colored and black hank dyeing was practiced, but also the weighting of natural silk.
With the appearance of full and semi-synthetic yarns after World War II “Wylach” took a decisive role in the development of cross-wound spool dyeing for continuous filament yarns. After his father's death, Wolf Wylach took over the management in 1963 and guided the company into the 21st century.
As a result of progressive development and modernization in 1982, the largest dyeing facility in Germany with batches of approx. 2,3 t was put into operation in our company. This was followed by the integration of the spool winding facility in 2003 and the construction of the twisting facility in 2007.
After completing his studies and joining the company in 2005, Marc Wylach took over the management, now in its fifth generation. His sister Victoria has been providing support since 2006, applying her skills in the company laboratory.